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  1. Beautiful, Ray. I’ve never been to that part of the country. Your images show me why everyone loves it so.
    Question…at what res do you upload your images to your blog? I always use 72 thinking I’m saving people time waiting around for images to load, but with higher speeds, that may be a non-issue. Yours come up so large and so clear, and I think you once told me you couldn’t see mine clearly enough. I’m wondering if I should increase resolution.

    • Jan, the “72″ you’re referring to is probably the display dots/ pixels per inch, but it’s basically irrelevant. The thing that matters if you want to show a larger, more detailed image is the dimensions of the photo in pixels. For most photos I post here, I use a long-side dimension of 800 or so pixels, with the other dimension just being determined by the aspect ration(height to width) of the photo. This particular shot was posted at a larger size, roughly 1000×800 pixels.

      The display dpi you use (whether it’s 90 or 72, or whatever) just determines how the number of pixels translate into inches on the screen – the difference over the range most people use is relatively small.

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