About that molding

I mentioned in the previous post that I started my sketch with a drawing of a molding from Les Invalides, in Paris. For the curious, here’s a photo:

And here’s a crop, showing the molding in more detail:

This is all part of the amazing detail of the dome of the Église du Dôme, which is directly over Napoleon’s tomb. Looking up to the center of the dome, you see this view (click on the image, and then click on the “full size” link, and you’ll be led to a much larger view):

The interior of the chapel dome in Les Invalides

I’m not sure why that particular molding caught my eye – I think I was just impressed that there was so much detail in a decorative element that was so high up, where most viewers would never even notice it. It says something to me about the dedication and love for his craft that the framer must have had.