Small miracles

Anita and I have been taken in the last few days by a small miracle happening beside our garage door. In a period of severe drought for our area of central New Jersey, this little petunia has somehow taken root in the crack between our asphalt driveway and the paving stone patio:

We don’t have any other petunias this year, so we aren’t sure where the seed came from, or how it managed to find enough soil and water in this particular spot, but there it is, bringing a little smile to us every time we come and go from the garage. I finally had to get out the camera and tripod and record it so that I won’t forget.

4 thoughts on “Small miracles

  1. Ray, this is a terrific picture. Aren’t you glad I kept nagging you to get the camera out to record this little miracle of nature?

  2. Great picture! Aren’t petunias amazing? They are just about the only flowers left in my beds that have survived this summer’s drought.

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