Postcards from Asbury Park (part 2)

I’ll wrap up my discussion of the Sickel lettering design for Asbury Park with a couple of additional examples that show how the broad strokes of this lettering style give us an advantage for photographic effects.

The Old Casino

Here I’ve taken one of my photos of the roofline of the old Casino complex and turned it into a line drawing using the Photoshop “Find Edges” filter. I then used the same lettering as in the first postcard (see Postcards from Asbury Park – part 1) as a mask to let some of the color from the original color photo come through.

This one, obviously, is two separate photos. The background shell image is from my personal stock library, and the second was a beach scene made during the July 24 Photo Walk. I used a wavy version of the Asbury Park lettering to mask that second photo and layered it over a faded version of the shells.

I could as easily have used a font, rather than designing my own letters for these cards, of course. A font like Arial Black would also give me nice heavy strokes, but it wouldn’t be as distinctive – someone else could easily produce the same look. The combination of my own lettering with my photos gives the cards a unique look that hopefully would distinguish them from others on the rack.

I’ll have to decide now whether to actually do a commercial print run of any of these – it’s probably too late in the summer vacation season to do it for this year – if you have a favorite, please use the comment button or the contact form to let me know.

4 thoughts on “Postcards from Asbury Park (part 2)

  1. These are both very cool! Seems like the Asbury Park tourism people should hire you. I’m partial to the one with the beach scenes due to my love of the Jersey shore…

  2. I like going through your blog -which is integration of graphic,lettering ,photography…etc. Would love to see it regularly, do post it on my e-mail.

    • Glad you are enjoying the blog. The only e-mail option available is to subscribe to my RSS feed, which you should be able to do through your own browser. The RSS feed will deliver each new post either in summary form or as a complete post, depending on the option you choose.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thanks! Things are a little slow right now in terms of generating new posts, but there will be lots more – please check in, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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