When we made our trip up the Oregon coast about a year ago, the single thing that left the most enduring image in my mind was the “seastacks.” These rocky outcroppings, unlike anything I’ve seen on the Atlantic coast of the U. S., are ancient remnants of a coastline that no longer exists; all of it except for these strange shapes has been eroded away over thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of years. When we were staying overnight at Gold Beach, I got up very early and drove down to Meyers Creek Beach, in Pistol River State Park, to watch and photograph the seastacks in the early morning light. I was on the beach before first light, and as I walked along the wet sand dodging the incoming tide, the looming rocks were almost spooky, causing my imagination to work overtime.

Here’s one of the images from that shoot, in poster form:

Seeing that piece of shell in the foreground, I couldn’t resist giving it a little emphasis with the calligraphic flourish on the “g.” What lies beyond the rocks is left to your imagination.